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Farming in the 21st century is about much more than practical skills. Based on 130 years of
experience, Danish standards and global dedication, Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business is
leading a new generation of farmers, from all over the world – into the future.
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For more than 40 years Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business has transferred knowledge and shared experience from Danish agriculture and professional farmers.

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Please contact our international department to learn what we can do for you:

Head of International Division Mr. Carsten Friis Poulsen
cfp@dalumls.dk / tel. +45 27 69 17 09


International Relations Officer Mr. Niels Erik Jespersen
nej@dalumls.dk / tel. +45 20 42 32 98

customized programs

All programs will be tailored to the individual project, short or long.

practical training

The practical aspect is always an integrated part of the programs.


College fee includes education, food and lodging in a safe environment at Campus.

specialized lectures

Lectures from highly qualified specialists.