Why Dalum Academy?

Our dedication at Dalum

With a strategy to permeate mutual trust, respect and loyalty to our cooperating partners. We set high expectations, individual demands and work ambitiously to implement the vision to be: An independent institution, providing superior professional competences, therefore an attractive business partner anchored in Denmark – internationally spread.


A growth-center for knowledge and innovation, covering full range of agricultural education, with an international focus collaborating urban and rural interests worldwide. More than 80% of Denmarks Ag-products are exported. This illustrates the international approach we believe Dalum activities should reflect – at all levels.

Our story

A modern international academy

Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business is a part of “Dalum Landbrugsskole”, founded in 1886. The spectacular old buildings were originally erected in the year 1862 by the famous Danish folk high school pioneer Christen Kold. In the years from 1862 until 1886 the buildings housed “Dalum Højskole” (Dalum Folk High School).


Some of Christen Kold’s original lecture and meeting rooms are still existing and are used in interaction with the rest of the modern facilities at campus. Today Dalum Landbrugsskole is an international school, based on further and higher agricultural education, with proud traditions!

Our programs

You will get

Our programs include much more than just
the standard college fee


  • Full customized programs
  • Lecturing from highly qualified specialists
  • Practical training on approved farms
  • Agri-processing per request
  • Relevant certification: Medication, First Aid, Work Safety, Welding and maintenance, Specific additional customized short courses
  • Visits (including transport) to relevant businesses
  • Airport transfers
  • Full board (breakfast + coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, evening coffee)
  • Accommodation at the Campus Hotel or students’ individual rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Free local transport (bikes available), the college is located only 5 minutes away from the center of Odense, the third largest city in Denmark (https://www.visitodense.com)
  • Access to washing machine, gym and high-speed WiFi


The Danish Evaluation Institute

Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business is approved by:

The Danish Evaluation Institute (proof of quality) DAAB has received positive evaluation on the international programs we run.

The evaluation is based on formal quality assurance of educational programs. The evaluation is in alignment with the internationally approved methodological elements required by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The Danish Ministry of Education (proof of content) DAAB is a licensed Agricultural college under the ministry of education. This demands that all teachers have to be certified and curriculums approved by the ministry.

The Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration (fast-track due to experience) DAAB has done training and education internationally for more than 20 years. DAAB has strong cooperation with both companies and institutions worldwide and this experience has given us the possibility to support visa application and make sure they are handled quickly.