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Exporting Danish agricultural skills and turnkey solutions 

Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business has been doing international training, education and cooperation for over 30 years, and have strong relations and results in many countries. But don’t only take our words for it – we have collected statements and acknowledgements from some of our partners – to back our words.


Sustainable dairy

“We are very grateful for having the opportunity to learn new skills, acquiring knowledge for sustainable dairy production and improving our team’s ability to deal with new challenges in the modern food production systems.


Teaching us how to use education as a tool to improve environmental management focusing on high quality milk production and team efficiency.”


Sergio Costa

São Bento Farm, Brazil



Professional leadership

“The programme brought a lot of change in my life, both professionally and personally. The programme made me understand what leadership means. I really appreciate the programme as it played a big role in the person I am today.”


Thembelihle T. Ngiba

Attended 40-weeks Livestock Management Program


Plenty of experience

“This training program was our college’s first step for globalization. We would like to continue international livestock training and develop relationship with Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business.”

Jong Duk Kim

Division of Animal Husbandry, Yonam College, South Korea


“Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business have staffs whom have a plenty of experience at the animal production and have a good spirit about education. I hope to continually improve the relationship between Yonam and Dalum in the future.”

Prof. Shim K.S.

Department of Animal Science, Yonam College, South Korea

Students attended 12/15-weeks Livestock Management Program



Reduced mortality

“There is reduction in piglet mortality by up to 50% on the participating farms and an overall reduction in medication.”

Agricultural Technology Research Institute, Taiwan


“I take care of the pigs from weaning to 11 weeks old. The mortality of nursery pigs in my farm was 15-25%, sometimes 50%. Now the mortality is reduced to only 0.6-1.6%. My coworkers and managers start to listen to what I say recently and trust me more than before. I feel so grateful for what I learn from Dalum and every teachers. Now I am able to save more pigs and make them healthier.”

Hsiao Chun Huang

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Students attended 20-weeks pig management program