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Why Dalum Academy?

Our belief at Denmark’s largest and oldest

agricultural college

At DAAB we believe in customer focus and strong relations, that is why we only do tailormade courses. We want to know the specific need from our customers and match this with the right education and training. The teachers, trainers and intern farms are matched with the specific customer and there will always be a contact person at each program. Our teachers and trainers will have knowledge of the customers home country and the condition the agricultural production is working under.


Learn about management

Combining production economy with SWOT analysis, DISC profiling and othermanagement tools in order to be in charge of staff and agricultural enterprises/businesses:
• Overall farm management & leadership
• Data collection and the use of key performance indicators (KPI )
• Benchmarking with other farmers/countries
• Strategic considerations
• Financial tools, – short and long term
• Branding & marketing (individual or in cooperation)
• Organization and cooperation, internal / external
• Human resources, -staff motivation, initiating responsible independent co-workers


Practical training

On-farm training

On-farm training reflects the Danish “sandwichmodel”, alternating theory and practical skills, gradually building competences:
• All practical training is performed in close cooperation with high performing Danish farms within dairy and pig industry
• Carefully selected and approved farms
• Mentorship by local staff
• Portfolio, securing all learning objectives will be achieved. (Including Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. – HACCP)



Larger production units, calls for in creasing awareness of environmental impact and integrated production systems – a more holistic approach:
• Sustainable production and optimal utilization of resources
• Livestock and nutrients re-cycling. Storage, separation, high tech solutions
• Transport and best practice application techniques of excreta, manure/slurry
• Livestock and corresponding crop systems. Conservation agriculture and carbon footprint
• Balanced production. Fertilizer plans, farm balance etc.
• Integrated crop/pest management, reducing nutrient loss and pesticide residues
• Biogas, slurry cooling and other energy optimizing solutions
• Food safety, traceability, – consumer aspects. Education and communication


Practical training


Production management from day to day operations & registration to overall planning:

• Sow management (mating/artificial insemination, gestation, farrowing, feeding)
• Grower management (weaners, finishers, gilt development unit, feeding)
• Breeding (genetics and strategies)
• Biosecurity (SPF-system, health status, vaccinations)
• Production economy, (gross margins budgets, benchmarking, impact analysis)
• Operational management on all levels, (IT, low tech systems and SOP’s)
• Farm design and technical solutions (pen design, animal welfare, ventilation, feeding systems, odour control etc.)
• Agri-processing and value-adding, (customer expectations, bulk- or specialized production etc.)

Practical training


Cattle Operational management at all levels:
• Feeding management (Components, value and feeding strategies for all groups)
• Health and prevention of diseases
• Reproduction & breeding management and strategies
• Calf, heifer and colostrum management. SOP´s
(Standard Operational Procedures)
• Farm technical systems, milking, manure, feeding, ventilation and IT
• Longevity economics in dairy farming
• Field management (grazing systems, -silage and forage
• Agri-processing and value-adding, (customer expectations, bulk- or specialized production etc.)


Pay for what you choose


Our prices are determined of the program and content YOU choose. We do not have fixed prices, but our prices are linked to the tailormade program we agree to do together.


Despite many other Institutions and suppliers, we focus all aspects of the course – this means that you will receive following* when cooperating with DAAB:


  • Lecturing,
  • Visits to relevant business,
  • transport to and from teaching facilities and partners
  • Insurance and Governmental fee
  • Farm Internship Incl. 7-10 hours of daily practice on approved farm – with portfolio
  • Transport to and from internship farms
  • Full board (morning meal, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, evening coffee),
  • Accommodation in our Academy facilities, access to washing machine, gym. and Wi-Fi.
  • Airport transfers (from airport and return)


*if agreed in program

Visa application

Apply here

The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment is a new agency under the Ministry of Employment – it helps you i.a. applying for visa.

In order to inform yourself about laws and rules concerning travel/visa to Denmark, we refer to the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment – here.


The agency also processes all applications for residence permits on the grounds of work, studies, au pair stays, internship and working holiday stays. And if you want to study in Denmark, then look at Studying in Denmark – here. Studying in Denmark is a part of the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.


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Our Partners

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Associated with Danish Farm Concept

Danish Farm Concept © is a company and brand name representing the entire Danish model for pig production including:


    • Modern pig farm design
    • Efficient pig farm technology
    • High-End genetics of danish supreme quality
    • Nutrition program
    • Sustainable solutionEducation, training and management
    • The Danish Farm Concept is marketed throughout the world.
    • The Danish companies Hamlet Protein, SKOV, DalumAgriculturalBusiness Academy, Danbred International, Danish Farm Design, Vilomix and Vissing Agro market their products under this brand in wholesale solutions for the pig industry.
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